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Making a small bedroom look nice doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Whether it’s the right bedding, a down-sized nightstand option or surprising storage solutions, there’s lots of interior designer tricks you can use to make the most of your square footage. Check out these 10 creative small bedroom ideas that will turn even the smallest space into a cozy retreat.


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Greenery gives the illusion of fresh air and outside spaces. Keep things simple in a small space with a few oversized fronds or leaves in a small vase.

Opt for storage-savvy options such as a headboard with built-in shelves. Pair it with other small bedroom ideas such as under-bed storage that makes every inch of space count.

Removable wallpaper is a small bedroom’s best interior design friend. Unlike small prints that can get too busyaccent pillow case baby, wallpaper in a big print brings focus and harmony to a small space.

If you don’t need a lot of storage next to your bed, consider diminutive nesting tables instead of a bulky nightstand. Keep one table tucked away and pull it out when you need more room.

Light-filled rooms automatically feel more spacious with mirrors. A gallery wall of mirrors in gold or reflective finishes will significantly increase the amount of artificial or natural light in a small bedroom.

Forget space-eating headboards and footboards. Instead, carve out a few inches of extra space at the head of your bed with an interesting screen and replace the footboard with a stool for extra seating.

The best small bedroom ideas are the simplest. Put your walls to work. Shelves, hooks, bins and baskets turn blank walls into storage powerhouses.

Small bedrooms often mean tiny closets. Trade a few inches of floor space for a lot of storage space with a new "walk-in" closet. Hide closet organizers, shoe racks and more behind a wall of beautiful drapes.

An unusual or decorative ceiling will draw your eye up, making your space feel taller and more spacious. Take advantage of this creative small bedroom idea by covering your ceiling in natural wood planks, tile or a bold wallpaper print.

Make the most out of a small bedroom by selecting multi-functional pieces. Choose a daybed that doubles as a couch. Floating shelves both display keepsakes and keep clutter contained.

Cool colors such as blues and greens are relaxing and soothing. Turn a cramped space into a tranquil oasis with a dramatic accent wall surrounded by crisp white trim and bedding.

Tip: See our guide for help on choosing the perfect bedroom paint color.

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