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There are so many things to love about autumn, the cooler weather, pumpkin patchesaccent pillow case baby, Halloween…;candy corn! Whether you love or hate the sugary treat, you’;ve got to admit that decorating with candy corn is the perfect way to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I made these super easy DIY candy corn coasters to use on our coffee table and love that they came together in just a few minutes. You’;ll be amazed at how quickly you can make a set for yourself!

Step 1. Cut one 2″; x 20″; strip from all three fabric colors.

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Step 2. Sew the white fabric to the orange fabric along the top edge with a 1/4″; seam allowance. Repeat with sewing the yellow fabric to the bottom of the orange.

Step 3. Use an iron to press the seams toward the orange fabric.

Step 4. Cut fabric panel into four equal squares and carefully adhere to the back of the felt sheet. You’;ll want to take your time with this step so that you don’;t get any wrinkles or creases as you stick the fabric in place. The adhesive on the back of the felt sheet is really strong so it’;s great for preventing fraying but, unfortunately, it also makes it really difficult to remove the fabric once it’;s stuck. Use the Candy Corn Coasters free pattern to trace the shape onto the fabric.

Step 5. Use sharp scissors to trim the excess fabric away from the drawn pattern.

Step 6. Place Candy Corn Coasters on your coffee table for a completely adorable and functional autumn accessory!

I’;ve got to admit that I’;m not the biggest fan of eating the actual candy corn. It’;s a little too sugary for my taste but I absolutely love the colors and look of these sweet little treats. They are going to perfectly protect our wood coffee table from all those Pumpkin Spice Lattes we all love!

Hope you enjoy making a set of DIY candy corn coasters of your own!

When I posted a tour of my new-to-me house on a lake in December, I only showed the real estate listing photos of the master bath which were not the best. I thought it was time to take photos to show you how it really looks in real life.

Ready to get wild? Kids will love transforming into playful animals with these masks made from paper plates.

I have just a little bit of silliness to share tonight before heading to bed. ?I know a lot of you are getting tired of hearing about NaNoWriMo, but I have two things to share or anyone still reading/interested.Still with me? ?Okay, you rock.First of all, I’m halfway there! ?I ended my writing tonight at 25,016 tonight with the help of some word wars in my awesome regional chat room. ?One in our group streams his own playlist, and was indulging us with a few requests as we hit milestone numbers. ?25K earned me Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer. ?Second of all, our region somehow adopted a mascot along the way: a rabid, cyborg attack weasel. ?Yes, silly. ?But it’s so much fun! ?The idea is that they are ferocious enough to keep you at your desk, writing. ?This year, instead of just one mascot, my partner-in-crime also ambitiously stitched up over 20 stuffed weasels to be adopted and turned into cyborgs. ?Well, they have been a huge hit. ?There’s a contest underway about who can borg (borgify?) their weasel the best.If you know me at all, you know I can’t say no to a challenge, so I put the finishing touches on my weasel tonight and would like to take a moment to introduce my personal writing mascot: General R. Lee Ermine.