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While the inside of our home is in a state of disarray due to construction, it’s so nice to enjoy a little outdoor living. The past few weeks we have been enjoying unseasonably cool weather and the patio has become our living room.?I look at it as an extension of our home and living space and decorate it accordingly, but the decor has to be flexible and durable given the extreme weather conditions we experience in Missouri.

Sweet peas come in a wide variety of species and the wonderfully subtle colours lay inspiration for home décor ideas in many of our homes. Pastel pink is a really chic colour to use throughout the home and the living room is an especially wonderful area to adorn using this colour. Pastel pink is actually a very subtle pink that goes well with white.

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How to make a teepee without sewing – a quick and easy diy teepee tutorial!Hello! Welcome from Pinterest, Google, or wherever you stumbled across my little blog. I am so excited to meet you! I hope you enjoy learning how to make a teepee with this easy tutorial and follow along on Instagram or subscribe here for more effortless ideas.Ani’s birthday is just a week after Christmasaccent pillow case baby, whichmakes gift-giving nearly impossible for her. We are fortunate to have a home full of toys, books, games and clothes. Still, I want her birthday to feel special, regardless of the date.I thought about what I loved as a child and remembered a {Popples} tent that was securely placed on my bed for months on end. It was almost magical as a child to read books and play with my dolls in there. My love for licensed merchandise ended with my youth and I wanted to create something beautiful that she could leave up – a fixture in her room, like Adalyn’s play table.I decided to make her a teepee tent!After researching them, Iwas taken aback by the cost and couldn’t find the “perfect” kids teepee to fit the color palette and style of her room. That’s howmost of my DIY projects begin – with a “need” to fill and no source to fill it.You guessed it, today I’m sharing how to make a teepee! This simple do-it-yourself project is a true no sew teepee you can create in less than an hour for $60.Don’t let the instructions intimidate you…it’s like washing your hair: lather, rinse, repeat.Before starting this project, I was a bit overwhelmed and worried it wouldn’t work. All of the methods I found demonstrated how to create no sew teepees with stitch witchery or by weaving fabric. We wanted to create a teepee that would stand the test of time and show durability for our 3 toddlers.The teepee tent can easily fold up and be stowed away or be taken outdoors for an evening of fun. It is also the perfect size for a bedroom – 3 girls easily fit in it and have spent hours reading, playing with Ani’s new lantern and playing dolls. I’m so thankful we took the leap and made a teepee for Ani. I hope they share the same fond memories I did as a child.Because our girls are little, I decided not to do ties. The heavy canvas folds back beautifully and stays without effort.The heavy canvas drop cloth is durable, making it a great long-term teepee that’s stable as well.I added battery operated lights through the top of the teepee to make it even more enchanting!