accent pillow case baby 5 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas pillow case baby

Here are our top picks for hostess gifts this holiday season!

1-Towel Set – (From Jacaranda Living)Who doesn’t love beautiful new towels for your bathroom!? Especially when they are embroidered!? Package them up in a nice basket or even repurpose a dish and put a few nice soaps with them.

pillow cases linen

2-Salt and Pepper Shakers that have style (from Zady)These handcrafted, white shakers go with any table setting.? Fill with salt and pepper and pair with a nice set of napkins.

3-Hand Poured Soy Candles – (From Vessel Candle Co.)Gift a beautiful candle your host can enjoy all year long.? These clean burning candles give off a delightful smell! ?

4- Beautiful Mugs – (from Small Glow)Treat your guest to some nice, personalized and quirky mugs.? Pair it with some coffee or tea for the perfect gift!

5-Martini Set (from Crystal Classics)Everyone brings wine to a party.? Set yourself apart by bringing a martini basket!?? Buy a nice bottle of vodka or ginaccent pillow case baby, pair with these classic coup glasses, a shaker, olives and write out a recipe.? Cheers!

A little while back Jaime spotted a totally adorable Pillowcase Hamper Tutorial made by Sarah from Emmyloubeedoo. It’s a vintage pillowcase turned into a gorg way to store laundry – obviously, we had to ask if she would please, please guest post this one-of-a-kind creation for us. Thankfully, Sarah agreed and is very excited to share her tutorial below.

This adorable Peppermint Candy Pillow by BERNINA Ambassador Nancy Mahoney will give your decor a new look, whether for your bed or a decorative pillow for your couch.

A few weeks ago Kim from Everything Etsy asked me to share a fun craft idea for Summer! ?I thought that it was about time I did a craft with my kids, so I came up with this idea of painted seashell crafts. We then made them into hair accessories! ?My daughter and I sat down one afternoon and had a great time painting seashells with nail polish!!