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Along with having an indoor space for children to play, it is essential to their development to have an outdoor area as well. Playing outdoors allows kids to get fresh air and sunshine, which is a good source of vitamin D, and helps them absorb calcium that strengthens their bones. An increasingly popular outdoor toy is a water table for kids.


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Water attracts children, especially when it is warm outside, and small children like to play in the sand as well. With a water and sand table, kids can be creative, play with water toys, and develop their hand-eye coordination skills at the same time. They can also improve their fine motor skills as they pick up toys, put water or sand in toys or containers, and use fingers to draw in the sand.

Along with improving coordination, children also experience sensory play by learning different textures like the water and sand, hearing the splashes of the water, and seeing what type of shapes they can create in the sand with their hands or toys like shovels or rakes.

They also develop their artistic skills as they create and build sandcastles or use sticks to draw pictures in the sandbox. Children also develop their gross motor skills as they use buckets or cups to transfer water into other containers as they play with water toys, play with toy trucks and push sand around, or take toys to other areas of the table.

This Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table features a game in which kids can launch frogs onto lily pads. One of the lily pads is in the center of the table, while two others float in the water. There is also a spinner platform on which they can land.

The water table holds seven gallons of water, and the table weighs 7.8 lbs when it’s empty. The dimensions of the table are: 22 x 29.5 x 29.5-inches (Height x Width x Length). To get this table ready for play, an adult will need to do some minor assembly.

It comes with eight toys to use for playing the frog launching game. They include:

The wateraccent pillow case baby, or “lazy river,” circulates by turning the spinner. This toy is suitable for children 24 months to three years old.

The Paw Patrol is a popular cartoon amongst the toddler crowd, and Step2 features it on their Paw Patrol Water Table. This toy is appropriate for small children from the ages of 18 months to five years old, which is right in the Paw Patrol demographic.

The water table, which measures 25 x 32 x 32-inches (Height x Width x Depth), features a spinner that kids can turn to make the water swirl in the table. It also has a lookout tower with a slide for the Paw Patrol characters, which includes Ryder and his friends. Three of the character toys also squirt water.

Along with the three squirting character toys, accessories also include a water strainer, water cup, and a table springboard that kids can use to flip the characters into the water. The table weighs less than 10 lbs., so it is easy for adults to set up and move across their patio or lawn to provide an outdoor play space for kids.

Step2 is a manufacturer of preschool toys in Ohio. This water table for kids, the Rain Showers Splash Pond, comes with several water toys and has two levels with which to play. When water goes in the top tray, it makes it rain into the table below, and has realistic rain sounds.

On the side of the top tray are slides and a water wheel, which turns when pouring water into the hole of the tray. The play table has other toys that accompany it, including:

Step2 makes several water tables, as well as water and sand tables that are popular with kids and parents. This includes the Dino Dig Sand and Water Table. This toy, which is suitable for children from 24 months to five years old, features a dinosaur theme, which kids love.

The sand side of the table has a lid that protects the sand from rain or neighborhood cats looking for a litter box. The shape of the lid can add to a child’;s creative play as it is mountain-shaped with low levels on which to stand the dinosaur toys.

The water side of the table, which has a pond shape, also has levels on which to stand the toys and a tree separates the two sides. The table comes with several toys, including:

The Step2 Fiesta Cruise Sand and Water table have a nautical theme that kids will like. The table comes in the shape of a cruise ship, complete with a lid in the shape of the ship’s helm that covers the sand side of the table. The design of the water side of the table is like a swimming pool that comes with a diving board. It also has a twisting water slide, a regular slide, and a cabana area.

Along with keeping the sand clean and dry, the lid also holds an umbrella to shield kids from the sun. The umbrella also fits into a hole on the side of the table, between the sand and water sides. The table comes with 10 accessories, which include:

The play table is appropriate for kids two-years-old and up. It weighs a total of 13 lbs., so adults can easily set it up in their yards, and its dimensions are 28 x 39.5 x 26.5. If the water needs cleaning, there is a drain hole for draining it.

The Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon is a water and sand table that is suitable for children 24 months and up. One side of the table can hold up to 50 lbs. of sand, while the other side holds up to four gallons of water. The toy table weighs nine pounds and measures 26.5 x 26.5 x 34.5-inches.

The table has a drain hole with which to remove the water when it gets dirty or to get it ready for storage. Also, the sand side of the table has a lid to keep the sand from blowing away or getting rain in it, as well as to keep animals out of it.

The play table comes with a small assortment of toys, including two character toys, a shovel/rake, floating inner tubes, and a cup for moving water. Some of the toys attach to the play table while the other toys are for kids to move around the table.

This plastic water and sand table toy from Step2 allows kids 24 months old and up to enjoy playing outside in the fresh air and sun. However, to ensure they won’t get too much sun, it has a 60-inch umbrella that provides shade and some protection for their skin.

One half of the table can hold up to 20 pounds of sand, and the water side has a convenient drain hole to easily remove water when it gets dirty or to store the toy when it starts getting cold outside. The table has a plastic lid that fits over both sides to keep the sand dry and both sides clean. The lid has elastic straps to ensure it stays in place during high winds.

This table weighs about 25 lbs. and measures 20.75 x 26 x 46.5-inches. It has spaces for bridges from which to move the boats from the water to the sandy side. The lid also has canals molded into it to provide another playing surface.

The table has eight accessories that come with it, including:

The Duck Dive Water Table is amongst the many water tables made in America by Step2. This table features a spinner in the middle to create a whirlpool effect when the kids turn the handle. It also has a funnel with a water wheel beneath it, so kids can scoop water into the cup and pour it down the funnel to activate the water wheel.

The attachable character flipper can launch the frog or duck characters into the water, and the frog toy also squirts water. Along with the frog are two ducks, the funnel, a strainer, and the flipper. The water table can hold up to four gallons of water; it measures 30 x 24 x 24-inches and weighs eight pounds when it is empty.

When the water gets dirty, adults can use the leak-proof drain to remove the water and refill it or clean the table to put away for the winter. Several small kids can have fun and learn how to share toys as they splash and play in the water.

This two-sided play table holds sand on one side and water on the other. It also comes with a lid to keep stray animals out of the sand and keep the play areas clean. It can hold 10 lbs. of sand and three gallons of water. The lid acts as another playing surface because it has roadways molded into it. When it’;s on the table, elastic straps can hold it down to keep it from blowing off.

The play table also features a 42-inch umbrella to provide shade from the hot sun. The dimensions of the table are 23 x 42.5 x 24-inches, and it weighs 22 lbs. when empty. It comes with several accessories, including:

This activity center by ChildBrite is suitable for use in- or outdoors. It is easy to move as it has two casters one side of the table. The casters also lock, so small children cannot move the sand and water table by accident while they’re playing.

The table is one continuous bin that is 46-inches long, as well as 24-in. high and 21-in. wide. The inner liner is red, and it has a drain in the bottom of the table to make removing dirty water easy to do. It also two small bins, one of each side of the table, for holding toys and other small items.

The frame of the table is blue, but buyers can also request frames in red, green, or sandstone. It weighs a total of 34 pounds and doesn’;t contain any phthalates, lead, or heavy metals that are soluble. The table’;s material is a high impact, moisture-resistant resin, which helps it be lightweight, strong, and durable.

Little Tikes began making toys for small children since 1969. This mini waterpark replica is one of several water tables that they make for toddlers. This model helps kids learn to share, improve their fine motor skills, and have hours of fun splashing in the water.

The center spiral is for dropping balls into, which drops them into the water or “;lazy river.”; A child can turn the handle of the Ferris wheel, which picks the balls up from the water. The cup, which comes with the play table, is for scooping up water and pouring it down the funnel to power the water wheels beneath it. Finally, they can turn the spinner to power the “river.”

The Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark is suitable for children from 24 months to six years of age. It measures 31.5 x 29 x 29-inches and weighs 10 pounds. It’s important to supervise smaller children as the toy holds up to seven gallons of water. It comes with six loose accessories: five-character balls and one cup.

A water table is a great way to keep toddlers and slightly older children occupied all summer long. They can play and splash in the water, use cups to transfer water into funnels, activate water wheels, or they can create games to play with others their age.

Some water tables also have a side suitable for sand that they can drive their toy trucks through or build sand castles and other shapes. Depending on the style that you buy, the best water table for kids may include several accessories like character toys, squirting toys, buckets, sand scoops, or boats.

Most water tables are suitable for small children starting at the age of 18 or 24 months. You can choose one with an umbrella for providing shade from the sun while they are cooling off splashing water or creating a whirlpool with interactive toys that attach to the tables.

Look for water tables with a leak-proof drain hole at the bottom to make it easy to drain the water when it needs cleaning, or it’;s ready for storage for the fall and winter. These tables can teach kids to share toys, learn new textures, and use their imaginations as they play with toys in the water or sand.

Depending on the size of the table, you can usually find them from under $50 up to $300. These toy tables promote refreshing fun in the summer months, allowing kids to cool off when it is hot outside.

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