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Today I am sharing the best way to clean windows. We live in New England so we have a variety of seasonal changes that leave our windows dirty on more than one occasion. The Spring pollen is usually the biggest offender so we try to clean the windows in early June after the pollen is gone. Who despises cleaning windows besides me?

It’;s one of the worst cleaning jobs on the planet. BUT once they are clean and sparkly, I am so happy! I have joined forces again this year with Laura at Finding Home along with a few other fabulous bloggers to share our 10 minute ideas around the home.

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Each month for the rest of the year, we’;ll share something?that only takes 10 minutes around the home.

This month is best cleaning tipsaccent pillow case baby, hence the best way to clean windows from yours truly. Loving the look of our family room below when everything is clean and sparkly!

This is so easy!

Simply add hot water to a bucket and 2 cups of vinegar.

I find that using 2 cloth diapers (burp cloths) work the best when it comes to cleaning windows.

Soak one cloth and wring it out.

Use that one to wash your window and dry with the second cloth (keep it dry).

Simple right?

Another quick cleaning hack that I do to clean our stainless steel grill is use Tide multipurpose cleaner!

I know, crazy idea right?

It works so perfectly though. Don’;t miss this simple cleaning hack!

Here are a few other quick cleaning tips from my blogger friends.

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I find that removing the screens and placing in the shower seems to be the easiest way to clean the screens. Unless of course it’;s a nice day outside, you can lean the screens against your house and hose them off. We have a hand held shower attachment in one of our showers which works nicely to wash the screens.

Using hot water and vinegar is the best way to clean windows and also saves time.

One of my pet peeves when cleaning windows, is streaks. The trick though is to use the diaper cloths.

They work wonderfully! Using vinegar and diaper cloths is cost effective too. You will save money by not using endless rolls of paper towels and bottles of window cleaner.

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