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Last week, I shared with Crafts Unleashed readers the progress I had made assembling the Victorian Farmhouse Dollhouse Kit.? This week I am excited to have added a door, windowsaccent pillow case baby, and shutters to the dollhouse.? I love the color combination I chose.? The green door and green shutters just “;pop”; against the yellow clapboard and white window frames.? And, most importantly my granddaughter is thrilled with the color palette and all the progress that has been made on her dollhouse!

To assemble the dollhouse windows each part must be painted ahead of time.? I laid out all of the painted window pieces on plain white papers.? I then labeled each window to make sure all the parts were accounted for.? I also traced the frame of the windows on the white paper to help me make sure each window was square and level once each one was assembled.

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Once I had labeled and traced each window frame, I began to glue and rubber band the window frame with the window Plexi.? I paid careful attention to make sure that the windows dried square.? I used the templates I had drawn on my white paper as a guide to keeping the windows square.

I glued and rubber banded the short and narrow windows, along with the standard double windows, and the narrow double windows.

While the windows were drying I painted the shutter panels and the shutter cores.? I painted both sides of each of the parts to reduce warping.

Once all the pieces were dry I placed a thin line of glue onto the shutter panels and attached them to the shutter cores.? I used just a little glue to keep the panels from curling.

When all the window pieces were dry I attached the door and the windows to the dollhouse.

When everything was dry I removed the blue tape and attached the shutters.

Close-Up Views of the Door, Window, and Shutters.

Step-by-step process to-date of my Victorian Farmhouse Dollhouse Kit:

Kit Introduction –; Cataloging all of the pieces.

Pre-Painting &; Pre-Staining

Beginning Dollhouse Assembly

The Walls Go Up

Adding the Attic Roof and Bay Window

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