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Building on the luxurious vintage-inspired look of our Deco Charm trend, Festive Charm adds more peacock-feather hues and gleaming gold accessories to help you embrace your inner magpie. Dunelm’;s Head of Design, Debbie Drake, shares her personal inspiration behind this opulent Christmas trend:

“;Speaking of tasteful – here’s what I’m talking about. The Festive Charm collection is the epitome of fashionable sophistication. Have you painted your living room teal yet? No? Well may I suggest you sort it out in time for Christmas and use this collection to add your festive finishing touch. And while you’re at itaccent pillow case baby, get those cocktail party invites out.

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The truth is, I’ve never actually had a cocktail party myself –; but in my fantasy life, there’s a room in my house where’s there’s always a fabulous party going on. I can pop in for a chat and a martini whenever I like. The glamorous guests won’t notice if I’m wearing my slippers and dressing gown, but they couldn’t fail to be impressed with my array of party glass and barware – all courtesy of Dunelm!

Golden stars and exotic crescent moons join the peacock feather motif from our Autumn/Winter Deco Charm theme to summon up a spellbinding combination of decorative motifs that will dress your house for every celebration the party season brings. Lustre finishes in peacock colours add a magical touch.

Like most people, these days I no longer send cards to all and sundry (what else social media is for?!) – just a few, to select loved ones whom I will not get to wish Happy Christmas in person. This allows me to splash out on those special few and send exquisite cards which are little gifts in their own right.

For me, there is genuinely no greater pleasure than wrapping pressies – which is why my favourite part of this collection is the luxury gift wrap and stationery.?I could teach a masterclass in wrapping presents. I never rush it. Every gift, even the most humble offering, must be wrapped with great love – and preferably topped with a beautiful bow. Here’s another tip – don’t leave all the wrapping to do in one night, as it will quickly become a chore. Try and do one or two each evening, leaving yourself the time to do it well. Always save the very best paper for your mother and your partner. The kids won’t appreciate it anyway.”;

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Inspired by the rich colours of Australian botanicals and the natural beauty of New South Wales’ South Coast, our SS17 collection is filled with innovative design.

My son saw a Mark Rober video about a costume that was an alien worm bursting out of his chest and he thought it was the best costume ever. He wanted me to make him one for that Halloween so we looked and looked for this video on Mark Rober's channel but could not find it for him to show me... we found all kinds of high-tech versions but no low-tech version... so we had to go on my son's memory.