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These simple little bunny treat baskets make perfect little Easter gifts or favors for an Easter party. Plus, you can make them in just minutes with my free bunny printable.

It’;s hard to believe that it’;s already time for Easter projects, but with Easter a little early this year, it’;s really just around the corneraccent pillow case baby, folks! Today, I have a fun little Easter project that takes just a few minutes to put together and that you can use for any Easter celebrations you may have coming up.

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Bunnies are probably my favorite Easter icon, so I couldn’;t help but turn these little paper baskets into cute bunny baskets –; complete with fluffy tails!

The fluffy tail is definitely my favorite part. Okay –; ready to make your own little bunny treat baskets? Let’;s do this!

Step One. Cut Out Bunny Printables.

Start off by printing the bunny pieces printable, which you can download from the supply list above, on white cardstock. The file contains head and feet pieces in both pink and white. Then, just use a pair of scissors to cut the pieces out along the outside edges.

Step Two. Glue On Bunny Pieces.

Next, use your hot glue gun to attach the bunny head to the front of the basket and the feet to the bottom of the basket so the little paws stick out.

Then, glue a pom pom to the back of the basket to make a fluffy little tail.

So cute!

Step Three. Fill Basket.

Finally, fill your basket up with whatever Easter goodies or treats you like. I like to start with some paper shred to give you a nice base. Then add toys, stickers, candies, or other treats on top.

And that’;s it!

Your cute little bunny printable basket is all ready for gifting!

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