accent pillow case baby DIY wooden planter multigenerational fun

Good morning! Today I am sharing a fun multigenerational reminiscent (I don’;t even know if that is a word?) moment I had over the weekend as well as the DIY wooden planter project my dad and I completed last weekend featured today over at Tidy Mom. ?Here is a sneak peek of our diy wooden planter. It’;s even on wheels!

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If you are not familiar with Tidy Mom, she is like a rockstar in blogland. I would love for you to come visit me over there where I am sharing the entire tutorial and final planter pictures. My inspiration for our planter was from a $498 Estate planter I found online and we made ours out of scrap wood! Oh yes, free!

Okaccent pillow case baby, now for my story from the weekend. I had a moment this weekend where I went back in time. As a kid, I always remember following my dad around the yard and getting rides in the wheel barrow. He was always outdoors either building additions on or home or cleaning up the yard. I can remember those moments like it was yesterday and this weekend, I watched my son do the same thing with my dad that I did as a kid. Our multigenerational family and living arrangement has brought back so many memories for me. Ironically, I was in my grandfather’;s workshop, taking pictures of a wooden dolphine that he made and I was able to snap this picture of my dad and son cleaning up the yard.

Totally candid, in fact I caught my dad off guard and scared him. ha. Do you ever have moments like this where you remember things from when you were a kid and those feelings stick with you for a few minutes? This was one of those moments for me. It’;s so strange how that happens. It was a fun Multigenerational moment that I wanted to share with you. I hope you all enjoy your day and please come visit me over at Tidy Mom, our planter tutorial would be a fabulous edition to our outdoor space.

I love Christmas! ?I love the joy, the cheer, the songs, the kindness and the giving! ?Yes, it can get a little crazy too. ?But I really do find joy in giving! This year I have had fun coming up with a few simple and inexpensive (but useful) gift ideas and I can’t wait to show you one of my favorite ones! ?Today I am sharing a cute candle gift idea with free Christmas tag printables.? Woot woot! ?The best part is that this gift is easy to put together and is perfect for almost anyone!

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