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Here’;s a note from Charlene Phillips, teacher, author, and BERNINA National Artisan:

Entredeux means “;between two”; in French. It is a narrow strip of batiste with tiny square holes down the center of the strip. I love to use it between two seams and when joining lace to fabric. Gives the dainty vintage effect I love!

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I have purchased entredeux ready-made when necessary. I would much rather use my BERNINA aurora 450 ? in minutes I’m sewing a long strip of entredeux. I use a 110/18 Wing needle, and the stitch I prefer is the entredeux stitch pattern (check in your sewing machine manual to see if your model includes this stitch). If your machine does not have itaccent pillow case baby, try using the venetian, daisy, zigzag, or triple zigzag. The pattern must flow from side to side. If you stitch the batiste strip on the bias the holes will open easier.

Use a cotton organdy, batiste, or a similar lightweight fabric, 60-weight cotton thread, cording, and the Wing needle. The cording raises the outer edges of the stitching. If your stitches begin to pucker, place appropriate-weight stabilizer under the fabric strip. Be sure to engage the twin needle function of your machine so the needle does not hit the foot.

Adjust the stitch width according to your stitch pattern. Play around on scrap fabric to get the right adjustment. I start with a 2.5mm stitch width and 3mm stitch length and adjust accordingly. The best foot to use is the 7 Groove Pintuck Foot #32 as the cording fits nicely in the grooves just to the right and the left of center. If that foot is not available try the Open Embroidery Foot #20, sewing slowly while guiding the cording into place with your hands.

Complete instructions for making yards and yards of entredeux is in my book, The Sewing Machine Classroom. Once you see how easy it is to make, you will find numerous ways to use in your sewing! Happy Stitchery! Charlene

Even though time hasn’t been on my team lately, I decided to hurry and make a little something for the kiddos for Easter Sunday.?

Every year I look forward to plunging into my Google Analytics and figuring out what were?my top projects for the year. I actually don’t track it during the year because I like to be surprised at the end (silly I know). ?After I make my “best projects of” list for that year, I carefully go through the list and try to figure out WHY they were the most popular projects, then try to plan my content for the next year accordingly. My goal each time I sit down at my computer is to create something of value for you, my readers. I figure if it was popular then you liked it. I don’t usually share statistics, but I noticed when I was compiling the list that over 3 million unique people visited during 2016- to me, that is absolutely crazy.

We are in the “home stretch” when it comes to Christmas Sewing and I hope that all of you are now done with all of your gifts! If not, this sewing pattern for a simple earbuds case (or business card case) can be whipped out in less than an hour, making them a great last minute gift idea.