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Ohh man, we’;re in full-on holiday mode now that the weather has turned cooler and Thanksgiving is drawing near. ?Today’;s post shares a look into our kitchen this time of year, with insights provided by GE Café? appliances.

If you take a lot of pride in your cooking and baking, the power of?GE Café? appliances brings restaurant quality to your kitchen so that you can take food further! ?Home chefs have cooktop options for precise boiling, simmering and searingaccent pillow case baby, and their true European convection ovens are perfect for your holiday cookies –; and pies! ?Ohhhh pies.

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My daughter is a budding baker, and she LOVES to make muffins, breads, and especially pies. ?I bought her a toy kitchen last year, but she wasn’;t having it –; she loves joining me in the real kitchen. ?I remember baking with my parents when I was growing up, so I’;m so happy to be passing on that love to my daughter. ?I hope as she grows, that she remembers Thanksgiving and Christmas by the smells in the kitchen.

On my wishlist is a double-oven –; which I had to give up in my last kitchen. ?I miss it so much this time of year! ?Check this beauty from?GE Café? out:

I mean, after all…; when it comes to holiday baking, you can really get a lot done with an extra oven. ?Extra batches of cookies. ?And (of course!!) extra pies. ?Our family’;s two favorites are pumpkin pie and dutch apple (and in fact, you can even follow those links to check out?my recipes.) ?But no matter what you need for your kitchen, the?GE Café? line has a restaurant-inspired appliance to take your kitchen traditions to the next level –; and be sure to check them out on Pinterest to learn more!

My daughter always helps me in the kitchen these days, so it’;s become a bit of a fall and winter tradition. ?We bake the pies to bring to family gatherings. ?And honestly? ?I think I love the time baking with her even most of all. ?Watching her learn and grow, and filling the house with the wonderful smells around the holidays…; it reminds me of being a kid myself. ?And that’;s a really special way to feel this time of year.

Tell me, what are your traditions in the kitchen around the holidays?

Insight for this post was provided by GE Café?.

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