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Bumpy pipe cleaners (Pictured:?Chenille kraft assorted bump stems, $5 for 48accent pillow case baby,?;?Pipe cleaners, in Ladybug and Bunny, $4 for 36,?

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Card stock

Craft glue

Wire cutters

Permanent marker

First, cut two bumps' worth of pipe cleaner.

Fold the piece in half, between the bumps, forming one corner of the mouth.

Pinch the center of one bump to form the top lip. Close the mouth by twisting the open ends together.?

Attach the lips to card stock with craft glue. Using a pen marker, write a heartfelt?message to your valentine.

?Tools Used: Needle & Thread or Sewing Machine, Scissors,?Paper Trimmer, Double Sided Adhesive, Glue Gun, Paper Edge Distresser,

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