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You see them all the time at the thrift store…;dated round kitchen tables that have seen better days.

The peeling laminate tops make you cringe with disgust. ?And, it is always too bad because the legs would be killer with a new paint job, of course.

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I see these tables get passed over time and time again at the thrift store. ?They seem beyond repair. ?And, even if you think of replacing the top…;where do you get a large enough round table top? ?The home improvement store might carry a round table top, but they usually top out at 36″;.

Well, after checking out this little makeoveraccent pillow case baby, I hope you will think again about passing up those cheesy laminate top four-legged round tables at the thrift store. ?You could have a stylish new kitchen table with this one simple tweak.

Case in point, this little red play table I found at Savers. ?Thankfully others had passed it over.

Awesome legs. Sad round peeling top.

With one simple tweak and a couple of coats of paint, the play table is like new again. ?This same tweak would work wonderfully on larger tables, too.

As soon as I got this little guy home, I removed the top and marveled at the cool base I had to work with. ?I just adore these table legs. ?For a quick second, I thought about cutting a round table top to replace the original, but the square apron and four legs inspired me to try something different.

I replaced the original round peeling top with a square MDF top. ?With measurements in hand, 2″; larger around than the apron, I had the home improvement store cut a piece of MDF to size. ?After a quick sanding, with a little extra to soften the corners, the new top was ready to be installed. ?Using the original screws, I installed the table apron and legs on the new top.

It looked a little Frankenstein at first, but with a coat of primer and a few coats of paint, it was a modern new play table. ?The paint color is Pencil by Martha Stewart Living…;a fun yellow-orange color.

Another bonus to this table makeover, in our case, was the new streamlined size. ?The original table top was about 28″; diameter, which made it too large to fit in our under stairs play area. ?With the new square top, the table is 22″; square. ?That 6″; made all the difference in fitting this table snuggly in the corner under the stairs. ?Paired with a couple thrift store kids chairs (still awaiting their makeover), it is the perfect art table for my boys.

Fun right? ?A square top and fresh paint job can instantly modernize an old thrifted table.

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