accent pillow case baby Reasons for the Popularity of Mandala Beach Towel and Beach Blanket floral cushion covers

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for your fun filled adventures and beach trips then round beach blanket is the best option for you as it is used for spending time while relaxing under the sun. Moreover you can get different materials of the beach blankets that are available in attractive colors, designs and styles for helping you unwind in a fashionable manner.

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Mandala beach blanket is also gaining immense popularity among people who want to spend some quality time with their loved ones. These blankets are screen printed with the use of traditional method as this handmade item is an important accessory that you need when you are heading off to the beach.

Mandala beach towel is also known to be very beautifulaccent pillow case baby, elegant and attractive item that can be bought for personal use as the fabric is very comfortable and it offers a cozy feel and look. This beach towel has many uses that it can be put into as it is known for its functionality as well as its variety of uses. Moreover you can also enjoy the beauty of this beach towel that comes in Mandala designs which are known to offer a unique look to this accessory. The mandala circle that is found in the round beach blanket is the attractiveness that will make you spellbound as it is available in lightweight cotton so that you can carry it anywhere according to your wish. The vibrant and bright colors of Mandala beach blanket is perfect for taking it to the beach which is known as a perfect getaways for people who are living a busy life. Moreover using this blanket also has many other advantages like it is very easy to use and maintain since it is known for its durability lightweight and comfort.

Round beach blanket offers complete comfort while you are enjoying at the beach as it is made from high quality fabrics that offers the comfort level as the most important beach accessory. You also have the option of using Mandala beach towel indoors for any physical activities including yoga as it offers soft textures that makes it even more popular among individuals who are looking for complete relaxation with their family and friends. You can use the beach blanket for your outdoor trips as well as it is the best option for beach lovers and an amazing addition to add to your existing beach accessories.

A little while back Jaime spotted a totally adorable Pillowcase Hamper Tutorial made by Sarah from Emmyloubeedoo. It’s a vintage pillowcase turned into a gorg way to store laundry – obviously, we had to ask if she would please, please guest post this one-of-a-kind creation for us. Thankfully, Sarah agreed and is very excited to share her tutorial below.

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A few weeks ago Kim from Everything Etsy asked me to share a fun craft idea for Summer! ?I thought that it was about time I did a craft with my kids, so I came up with this idea of painted seashell crafts. We then made them into hair accessories! ?My daughter and I sat down one afternoon and had a great time painting seashells with nail polish!!