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Gasp! Just look at this beautiful vintage transfer! She has the air of a starlet from 30's cinema. This transfer inspires me to wax on about lofty ideas of embroidery design for a moment. Ahem, ahem: Often taken for granted are what makes an embroidery pattern an embroidery pattern. We can stitch up any illustration our hearts desire (which is what I love about embroidery), but not every illustration is specifically designed to be embroidered. This is a gorgeous example of a design that blends fine line illustration with embroidery technique. I am convinced that the person who drew this must have been an embroiderer themselves. Convincedaccent pillow case baby, I say! (pounding fist on lectern) Every line is thoughtful and meant to create a beautiful effect once stitched. The simple but lovely hands, the extremely miniscule lines of her face (that still convey emotion), the French knot dots on her headpiece...folks, I am in awe of this pattern. It looks simple, but simple is hard. Simple. Is. Hard.

Thus concludes today's lecture on embroidery design. Remember to read chapter 8 in your textbooks tonight and be sure to study other prime examples of vintage embroidery design like this in the Hoop Love Vintage Transfers Pool.

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Our living room needed at least a 10′ x 14′ rug. But the selection at that size is limited. Even if I could have found a rug I liked at that size, I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it.

Ho, ho, ho time for a new fun and easy Christmas project – let’s make a paper ball reindeer craft!

It's a New Year, so that means: NEW PATTERNS! I couldn't be more thrilled to add Ryan Berkley Embroidery Patterns to the Sublime Stitching Artist Series to kick off 2011. Ryan is not just an incredibly talented artist, but he's also an incredibly nice guy. I've known Ryan's work from many Renegade Craft Fairs over the years and can't resist his prints. Then, Ryan showed up for one of my embroidery workshops a couple of years ago in California -so doing this collab made perfect sense! I had to do the hard part: turn paintings into embroider-able designs. (Is that a word?) This is what I do. I try to turn everything into embroidery.