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The role of kitchen has evolved. From located to a room outside the house in olden times to a closed room inside the house to modern days, where the kitchen plays a pivotal role of bringing family and friends together. Most modern homes these days feature a kitchen which also acts like a family room and that’s why it’s important to decorate the kitchen in a warm, friendly way.

And that’s why we have for you some evergreen kitchen decorating ideas. Read more to know which suits your family’s style.

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Go Old Fashioned or Vintage

Remember grandma’s vintage inspired kitchen? It was great and homely and you can recreate that in your home as well with some kitchen linens, decor and appliances with a vintage touch. For a massive overhaulaccent pillow case baby, invest in large sized appliances (if you have the space for it) which looks old school.

Example, a big new oven with a vintage appeal looks great. You can even install a big farmhouse sink for the vintage feel. Last but not the least; complete the look with old fashioned dinner wear, vintage cabinet, stools etc.

Modern and Bright

Many Indian homes have impersonal kitchen décor. But you can brighten up and infuse personality into the kitchen with some bright splashes of colour. If you are unsure as to which colour to opt for then start by adding a funky cabinet or a colourful rug to gauge the look and feel of the kitchen.

If you don’;t want to paint your kitchen walls, contemplate adding some kitchen wall decor like a colourful tile backsplash or some cheerful wall art.

Minimalist is Good

The best part about modern kitchens is that they feel organized, streamlined and classy. The minimal look is elegant and zen like and its perfectly okay to opt for bare and industrial look. Some of the key elements when it comes to decorating modern kitchens are stainless steel, stone and other natural materials.

Avoid bright and loud hues and keep the focus on texture and fascinating lines. You can create a focal point in your modern kitchen with industrial-inspired stainless steel faucet, contemporary chandeliers and overhanging lights.

Adding festive decorations can help to add a holiday feel to your kitchen this winter, just be careful where you put them. Putting anything on your microwave or cooker is not a good idea and could be a potential fire hazard!

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