accent pillow case baby Video- Custom-Made Pearl Jewelry with Elle Macpherson sofa cushion covers

Martha Stewart and supermodel Elle Macpherson easily transform white faux pearls into colorful one-of-a-kind jewelry with Rit dye.

Garden photographer Jane Dove Juneau is ready to share her own oasis

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I promised a few sweets this week! ?This one is one of my go-to recipes for things like cookie exchanges and assortments for goodie baskets. ?They are simple (simple enough for me, even!) and as fast to make as some of the more traditional recipes like peanut butter cookies.These cookies were always a part of Christmas baking when I was growing up. I still make this recipe every year, and one of the reasons I love it is that it’s not one you see everywhere. ?These cookies are chewy, with molassesaccent pillow case baby, cinnamon, and clove.

Staging your home is invaluable to the resale process. Image Via: Erika Lam

Though it may not be realistic, every homebuyer dreams of purchasing a property that looks like it belongs in the pages of?Better Homes and Gardens. While you don’t necessarily need a state-of-the-art kitchen or fully remodeled master bathroom that looks like you hired an interior designer in order to find the perfect buyer, looks do make a difference. Staging your home, or making it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, is one of the first steps to putting it on the market. Since many eyes will be on your home during showings and through promotional materials, this is an?area in which you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Most people know enough to clean their home before potential buyers?come to view the property, but here are the a few tips that go beyond common knowledge. Use these tips to set your home?apart from the rest.