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There are those that have an insatiable love for reading that defines who they are. So when it comes time to give them a gift, it makes sense to shower them with literary-inspired items. There are many makers who have a similar passion for literature and translate it into special gifts for book lovers. From necklaces to tea to cookie cuttersbaby pillows, it’;s easy to celebrate your favorite bookworm.

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We’;ve found a selection of literary gifts that range from quirky-yet-practical to fanciful fun. The Wicked Witch bookmark, for instance, helps to keep your place but is definitely a conversation-starter; when the book is closed, two tiny feet stick out from its cover. And for those that enjoy infusing their sartorial choices with literature, we’;ve included an exquisite necklace made entirely out of books as well as a leather clutch that looks just like a copy of Pride and Prejudice.

See our entire selection of literary gifts below.

Litographs | $10.00

Boe Tech LLC | $6.50

Papillon9 | $35.95

The Locket Library | $13.28

MyBOOKmark | $25.00

Fable &; Black | $10.33

Frostbeard | $11.00

BAGatelle Studio | $78.00

Excelvan | $49.99

Peg and Awl | $358.00

Design Atelier | $45.00

Hennel Paper Co. | $10.50

Pearl Reef | $38.00

Literary Tea Company | $13.21

Bon Vivant Design House | $20.00

Peleg Design | $7.00

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