baby pillows Biomedical Scientist Reveals How to Never Get a Poison Ivy Rash Again

I live in a heavily wooded area, which is great for the most part. I love the forest, and it is great having it as my backyard (practically; we have a ton of trees and bushes out back). But it has its downsides, and one of them is poison ivy. I have never been good at recognizing itbaby pillows, even in my own backyard. And for that reason, gardening over the summer or going on hikes in the park close by can be a bit of a hazard for my skin. I am seriously the queen of poison ivy rashes!

I have found some methods that help relieve the itching, like using witch hazel (read more here). But as of yet, I hadn’t found anything to prevent the rash outright after exposure.

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I was just looking up camping hacks (like those you’ll find here), and I found a video which may just mean my poison ivy woes are at an end.

This video is very straightforward; it isn’t huge on the entertainment factor, but I actually find that reassuring sometimes. It is obvious this guy put this video together for no other reason than to be genuinely helpful.

His method for getting rid of poison ivy? It’s surprisingly simple. Use any soap you want—Dawn works best, as he demonstrates—and then make sure you use a washcloth and apply some serious friction to your skin after exposure. This gets rid of the nasty oil which causes the reaction in your skin.

I still haven’t had a chance to test this out (hopefully I won’t actually have to this year), but I’m bound to run into a poison ivy bush sooner or later. When I do, I will let you all know how it goes. If you use this method, be sure to comment and let us know how it works!

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