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Planning a Disney trip in the future? DIY a set of adorable t-shirts to take with you on your trip! Use this set of free Cricut SVG files to create your own custom Disney Tees!?

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If you’;ve been a long time follower then you know that we love Disney! We started going when our kids were small and now that they are older we love to go back as often as we can.

Since our kids are getting older and ready to graduate soon, I find myself feeling “;nostalgic”; about the whole “;growing up too fast”; thing. To me, Disney holds so many memories of our family growing up, which I think is part of why we love it so much.

Last Fall we visited during our kids Fall Break. My kids are on different school schedules?this year and my daughter ended up with a few extra days off school before we left on our trip.

She got a little bit boredbaby pillows, so to fill a bit of time we decided to make a set of Disney t-shirts to take with us on our trip. She’;s quite a talented artist, so she drew up some ideas for t-shirts then we cut them out with our Cricut. It made for a fun little crafternoon!

She designed a t-shirt for each park.? Today I’;m going to share the free SVG files with you in case you’;d like to make your own Disney shirt! You can also use these to make cute tote bags or mugs!


Cricut Machine?

Everyday Iron On Vinyl in White, Red, Yellow, Light Blue and Dark Pink

Cricut EasyPress &; Mat

Iron On Protective Sheet

T-shirts –; we used the basic tees from HERE.?

SVG Files

The first file she signed is this cute “;oh Mickey…;”; file. To make this shirt cut the image out with White Everyday Iron On Vinyl and attach it to a red t-shirt.

UP Is one of our all-time favorite?Disney movies. For Animal Kingdom she designed a take on the “;adventure is out there”; saying form the movie. Since it was for AK she took a bit of inspiration from Expedition Everest?for the design as well.

To make this t-shirt you’;ll want to cut the SVG file out of white everyday iron on vinyl and attach it to a black t-shirt.

Toy Story Land is now open in Hollywood Studios and it is ADORABLE! I instantly fell in love with the place. So many cute details!

To make the Hey, Howdy, Hey t-shirt you’;ll need 3 colors of iron on vinyl. Light blue, yellow &; red.

Cut each section of the file out separately and layer them on the t-shirt. Start with the red, then the blue and yellow. Note: make sure that you use a Teflon pressing sheet when you layer the iron-on. This will allow you to layer the colors without messing layers you’;ve already attached.

Loosely translated “;Meilleur jour”; means “;Best Day Ever”; in French.? This t-shirt was designed to be worn in Epcot. We couldn’;t?decide on WHAT to make for Epcot and in the end went with a tee inspired by the International Showcase.

To make this t-shirt cut the words out of Dark Pink Iron-on Vinyl, and attach it to a striped tee. You could also attach it to a solid color t-shirt if you’;d like the words to stand out more.

To get any of the SVG files, visit the FREE CRICUT DOWNLOADS page of the site! Follow the directions on the page and download away!

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