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Today we are excited to show not only how you can paint some of your own furniture using Tattered Angels’; DIY and Decor paint, but also how you can decorate and accessorize your home furnishings! Crew member Marie Nicole painted this end table using our colors Mankato and Chamoise. The greenish-blue and light yellow colors just look fabulous together. We hope this gives you some inspiration!

My husband does some woodworking as a hobby so I frequently find projects to add to his list. I asked him to make me this end table and he did an amazing job! The plans for this end table can be found HERE ON ANA WHITE’;S WEBSITE. This particular table is called Kentwood end table or nightstand. I had some specific needs when I was looking for an end table. It had to be something that would fill in the gap between our couch and our wall so it would block off our desk area. With a toddler in the house it’;s just easier to keep all the cords and outlets out of reach. This table is also perfect for storing some toys inside. I can’;t give you the directions for building this end table since I’;m not the woodcrafter here, but I will give you the steps I took to stain and paint it:

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If your wood is not already sanded, go ahead and sand down the surface. This will remove any dirt or debris and will also give your surface more “;grip”; for your paint to stick to.


Take your damp cloth and clean off the surfaces you will be painting. This is especially important if you just sanded it. No one wants sawdust in their paint!


Stain the top. This step is totally optional. I chose to have a stained top and a painted bottom. Here’;s a few tips on staining. You can use a brush or a cloth but I prefer a cloth because I feel I can control the amount of stain better plus it’;s easier to clean up since you can just throw out your rag after you are done! I also feel that I can control drips better with a cloth. I? taped off the top of the end table so I wouldn’;t get any stain on the sides. After you have your first coat of stain on, let it dry completely and then apply another coat. Let the second coat dry completely as well.


Apply a polyurethane coat over the stain. I used a clearbaby pillows, shiny finish and I love it! I applied two coats of poly, letting each coat dry completely before adding another. If you use a brush for the poly like I did, make sure you clean your brush after using it. You can do this using mineral spirits.


This is what we have all been waiting for- PAINT! I used a small Purdy brand paintbrush to apply a quick, light coat of Mankato to the whole outer surface of my end table. After that was dry, I came back and added another coat, making sure I didn’;t leave any drips and that I covered all areas completely. One thing I do want to mention is that you should remove your hardware first. This makes it much easier to paint.

After the outside was painted and dried, I painted the inside using the color Chamoise. I just thought it would be fun to have another color on the inside of the end table. I picked this light yellow color because its gorgeous and its nice to have a lighter color on the inside so it’;s easier to see inside.


Once everything is dry, you can reattach the hardware and bring it inside! I have it next to the couch now like I mentioned earlier. It’;s perfect for blocking off our office area from meddling toddler hands!

Having a new piece of furniture in the house is always fun, and part of that fun is accessorizing it! Here’;s a few ideas and tips that might help you along. First, before you go out and buy anything, look through the house to see what you already have! An old piece in the back of the cupboard might just surprise you after its given some TLC. For example, I had a couple of these old bottles just sitting empty on a shelf. I moved them to my end table and added some canvas fabric flowers. I made these myself but Canvas Corp has a whole variety of ready made flowers in every color!

You can also show off your potted house plants on an end table. I just recently planted these succulents with my son. I added just a bit of Canvas Corp twine and stamped a tag using a 7 Gypsies stamp set and added a bit of burlap as well. It really can’;t get much simpler than that!

Next up is lighting. You might find you want a lamp on your end table, especially if you like to read a good book there! I took this plain old lampshade and added some canvas ruffles to the bottom of it. All you need to do is take a hot glue gun and glue a strip of canvas or burlap or any type of fabric to the bottom of the shade, ruffling as you go. The little charms I added are actually from a necklace I haven’;t worn in years! Dig through your jewelry box to find old jewelry, pins, and brooches. These items are so useful in helping to spruce up your accessories!

Last but not least…;coasters! I sewed these myself out of some scrap fabric so the sewing job is less than perfect. If you want some ready-made coasters, Canvas Corp has some really fun ones. The best thing about fabric coasters is that you can throw them in the wash when you need to. They also don’;t take up a ton of space!

Here is a list of supplies from Canvas Corp that can help you create your own household accessories. I hope this helps you find some inspiration for ways you can DIY your home decor!


We hope that you have enjoyed these tips and tricks as much as we did! Marie gave us some great ideas for home decor so head on over to the Canvas Corp shop to see all the household goodies that we have! We’;d also love to see how you use Canvas Corp in your home. Go ahead and tag us on Instagram or Facebook if there is something you’;d like to share. We have a growing community of Canvas Corp lovers on Facebook in our Canvas Corp Brands Collective group. We encourage you to check us out!

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