baby pillows DIY- Basket Christmas Tree Skirt

Remember this huge basket I found at the thrift store a few months ago?

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I had you try to guess what I was going to do with it.

Well – it is finally time to show you.

I transformed it into a basket Christmas tree skirt or as some call it a Christmas tree collar.

I have always wanted a basket skirt, but they can be pricey and it was not a necessity, so I did without.

Until I saw the big basket at the thrift store for a whopping $6.90, I was beyond excited.

I could not use it as is – it needed a few tweaksbaby pillows, but nothing a hack saw, wire cutters, and some stain couldn’t take care of.

Optional:? Rustoleum Weathered Grey stain and a paint brush

1. Use a hack saw to remove the handle.?? After handle is removed, remove any small reeds that were used to hold the handle in.? They will slip right out.

2.? My tree stand is wide, so I needed to flip the basket upside down so the wider section of the basket was at the bottom.

3.? To remove the bottom of the basket, look for the area where the smaller weave ends. This is where you want to cut.? Use wire cutters to cut the reeds that connect to the basket’;s side.? Make sure you are not cutting the side? horizontal reeds –; you only want to cut the vertical reeds.

4.? Carefully remove the bottom.? It will look like this.

5. Use the wire cutters to trim any rough reeds that may be sticking out along the top edge.

6.? You could leave your basket the color it is, but I wanted my basket to look a bit weathered. I used Rustoleum Weathered Gray stain. I applied it with a brush and then quickly wiped it away to expose some of the original color.? Let dry. Here are some more tips for painting baskets.

7.? Place on floor around tree stand, then place your tree in the stand. I always place plastic under my stand just to make sure no water gets on the floor. ?I bring the ends of it up and around the stand. ? You don’;t see it when it is in the basket.

Now I have to get the tree decorated this week.? Will show you that soon.

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