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You’;ll never guess what appeared in our mailbox yesterday that has us jumping up and down from excitement?!? It’;s the Summer 2013 issue of Better Homes &; Gardens’; Do It Yourself Magazine featuring…; you guessed it, Cutting Edge Stencils!? We are just giddy from all of the stencil love!? The Summer 2013 issue features one of our very popular Moroccan stencils: the Zagora Stencil. ? We’;ve spent hours pouring over our favorite DIY mag and here’;s what they had to say!

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The issue takes a look at a friendly fix-up by Courtney and Keith Kimsey.? The family of four was tired of renting and had finally decided to buy a house.? Given the price range they were searching in, they knew their new home would need some DIY love.? When they moved in they decided to make over the living room.? The boring white walls were in desperate need of style.? Using the “;spiffy”; Zagora Stencil to add some interestbaby pillows, Courtney and Keith spiced up the space.? The couple is thrilled with the results because now they finally have a space that reflects their fun and energetic style.? We think their new space looks fab, don’;t you?

Make sure you get your copy of DIY Magazine now and shop Cutting Edge Stencils for gorgeous stencil designs that fit the design ideas of your home!? Don’t miss out on the Spring Sale to take 20% off all stencils through April 7th using the code SPRING13.

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

The sea, the sun, the sand…we just can’t get enough! If you’re like us, you love the timelessly chic interiors inspired by the sea. Dreaming of how to create your own beach-inspired look at home? Here are four ways to get the look:

Staging your home is invaluable to the resale process. Image Via: Erika Lam

Though it may not be realistic, every homebuyer dreams of purchasing a property that looks like it belongs in the pages of?Better Homes and Gardens. While you don’t necessarily need a state-of-the-art kitchen or fully remodeled master bathroom that looks like you hired an interior designer in order to find the perfect buyer, looks do make a difference. Staging your home, or making it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, is one of the first steps to putting it on the market. Since many eyes will be on your home during showings and through promotional materials, this is an?area in which you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Most people know enough to clean their home before potential buyers?come to view the property, but here are the a few tips that go beyond common knowledge. Use these tips to set your home?apart from the rest.

One of my favorite ways to decorate for fall is?by using yarn. It feels so cozy and can add a bit of texture and interest to your decor without having to put a pumpkin in every corner, and fall colors are just the best. However, since I’m far from skilled when it comes to crocheting or knitting, I have come to love weaving with yarn! It’s so easy to pick up and there are a million possible variations to fit your exact vision. Plus, it’s the most therapeutic craft ever,?and it’s perfect once the weather starts cooling down and you’re ready to bundle up and stay indoors. Follow along for my full wall hanging tutorial. Let’s weave!