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These bottles are a fun and colorful addition to any centerpiece and the best part is –; they won’t break the bank! ?All the bottles we used for these centerpieces were collected from household items –; beer, wine, iced tea, whatever you’ve got on hand. We stuck to three key colors for the painted bottle centerpiece and one color for the flowers in order to keep the look cohesive but these can be customized to match any color scheme or flower choice.

All pictures from this post were taken by our girl Brittany of BKM Photography.

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This first step is a very important one –; clean all bottles thoroughly and let dry. ?If there is any moisture inside the bottlebaby pillows, it will not allow the paint to stick to the sides of the bottle.

Pour some paint into the bottle and let the paint run down the side of the bottle until it reaches the bottom. ?I found it easiest to cover the entire bottom of the bottle and then work on covering the sides.

To cover the sides of the bottle with paint you have to tip, tilt, shake, and basically beat the paint into submission. ?This is kinda fun but be patient as it can take a little practice to get the paint to cover the entire inside of the bottle.

when you have covered every inch of the interior, there will still be excess paint in your bottle. ?Depending on your bottle size, and bottle stacking savvy, there are different ways of coaxing that paint to come out. ?Upending the bottles on paper plates (or whatever you have handy) will do. ?I also tossed some upside down into a plastic cup to gather and reuse the excess paint. ?You’ll need to leave the bottles upended for a couple of days to make sure they dry completely.

Using the flowers of your choice, cut the stems to your desired height and put them into your vases.? As most bottles have small openings, one or two stems will do.

All that's left to do is arrange them on your tables.??Here they are all lined up and ready for their (and your) big moment!

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