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Injecting graphic pattern throughout a home is a delightful way of bringing life, personality and a little joyfulness into a space. And if you’ve been shopping with us for a while, you probably already know that one of our favorite go-to patterns is animal print. But what you may not know is that animal prints, like leopard or cheetah, don’;t?have to be loud to make a statement. They’;re actually one of the easiest prints to incorporate into almost any decor scheme. So if you’re looking to take a walk on the wild sidebaby pillows, follow our lead.

Our Leopard Flannel Bedding?adds a touch of whimsy to this serene bedroom. We consider leopard a neutral, so we love to mix it with other patterns. The key is balancing the scale of the prints to keep it pleasing to the eye, as we did here. The smaller leopard pattern contrasts nicely with the large-scale print of the rug. By keeping the background of both patterns an off-white that blends easily with the neutral wall color, the overall effect is very cohesive and calming.

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Yes, you can let animal prints?into your most formal spaces. The soft texture and subtle color of our Celine Cheetah Rug sets a beautiful foundation for the feminine silhouettes of the seating. We repeated the same concept as we did in the bedroom above by pairing the the small-scale print with the bold stripes of our Canopy Stripe Wallpaper.

Feeling adventurous? We covered our banquette in Leo Brown Fabric by the Yard for a fun and funky touch in this dining room. Grounded by a neutral rug, the belgian oak-finished trestle table and white walls, it doesn’t overwhelm the space. The geometric weave of the bistro chairs brings a nice balance to the pattern while adding an extra dose of sophistication.

If you’re looking for less commitment, slipcovers?are your answer. Dressy details, like pleats or skirts, really amp up the fun and flirty factor of the pattern.

You’ve heard the old saying before, but opposites really do attract. Here, we paired our playful leopard bedding with a more formal and traditional Persian-style rug —; and it works. We also like the contrast of the neutral bedding and whitewash finish of the furniture against the bold chocolate hue of the wall.

For more design inspiration,?visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in our?Photo Gallery.?

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When we moved into our new house, I decided that I wouldn’t just share completed spaces, but the process behind the rooms. The decorating process can be slow, but it’s so rewarding to see it come together. Today I’m sharing my decorating process with you for Ani’s room, without carefully crafted photos. I hope you enjoy the behind-the-scenes look of how I design a room from start to finish.I always start with an image or two of how I want the room to?feel. It’s not necessarily how I want the room to look. Yes, I am incorporating butterflies into Ani’s room, but I like the way this space feels. Relaxed, bright, & collected.I’m sure most would start designing a space with furniture, but I usually start with decor, although it could be a piece of furniture. For me, a room starts with a few essential pieces I can’t live without. You know, those pieces you’re willing to splurge on & can’t stop thinking about. It sets the tone for the space & gives me a backdrop to build upon.This is the start of Ani’s bedroom decor. I HAD to have the pinboard. I made one for Adalyn’s room, but as soon as I saw the scalloped shape of this pinboard, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s a great investment piece because it could also be used in an office or kitchen. I love it so much that it didn’t even occur to me to look at the dimensions. It’s a little larger than I anticipated, but that’s alright, because I convinced Chris that a larger dresser was in order anyways! This sideboard/dresser will be relocated to the guest bedroom.I wanted to add a touch of color to Ani’s room & I’m doing it through the decorative ruffle pillow & curtains. I splurged on the ruffled pillowcase?during a 20% off sale, ?but purchased the down insert for just $4 at the Restoration Hardware Outlet. The ruffle will give the room a feminine touch & I like to find little ways to personalize the room, like monogram.The last two essential pieces are the “brass”?chandelier lamp?& ruffled velvet drapes. I?am a firm believer in blackout curtains for toddlers. They are a dream at nap time, making the room feel dark. I found the color, texture & ruffle draping on the floor irresistible. I was unsuccessful at finding a lot of lamps that wowed me. I am addicted to chandeliers & thought this?lamp?would be a fun way to bring one into the room.The brass jewelry tray is also a versatile piece. It can be used on her dresser or hung as a small mirror or art. It, along with the butterfly jewelry dish, were great inexpensive estate sale finds!I also found these lilac floral sheets from Target for a beautiful, whimsical touch.Find balance when decorating a room – purchasing a few more expensive items can elevate bargain buys. I have no shame in antiquing, thrifting & shopping on Craigslist! Aniston’s bed was a Craigslist find & I found her desk at a thrift store. I painted them to make them feel cohesive. Sure, I could just purchase everything from my inspiration image, but it wouldn’t be personalized & therefore not feel as warm. Not to mention, it would be expensive! This chandelier was another Craigslist find – it’s solid brass & less expensive than the current faux versions. And yes, I can’t wait to take care of that popcorn!