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Hello fellow stenciler’;s and DIY fanatics! This stenciled accent wall is identical to trendy floral wallpaper that is being sold on your favorite home decor websites like Etsy, Houzz, and much more! The best part this that it’;s so much cheaper and you can customize it with your own colors! Another perk about stenciling walls in your home is avoiding the hassle that comes with wallpaper. Cutting Edge Stencils will fill you in on all the details you need to know about this fashion forward floral accent wall.

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Let us begin with the wall color itself. We painted the wall “;Deep Royal”; by Benjamin Moore. Make sure you buy a FLAT sheen because it is the best to stencil on. Another wall color that would look great with this stencil and get the trendy floral look we want to accomplish would be Black.

Begin by taping each edge of your large wall stencil with blue painters tape so it stays attached to the wall! We also recommend spraying the back of your entire stencil with a generous amount repositionable spray adhesive! This step is optional but helps the stencil stick flat against the surface to reduce bleed. (You can check out our other popular stencil templates for walls).

Make sure your clip-on stencil level is aligned properly. This helps ensure a straight and even stencil design each and every time! This level is recommended for all projects with large stencils and full wall stencils!

You can officially begin painting your floral wall stencil! Using a professional stencil brushbaby pillows, lightly dip the tips into the paint color you desire and swirl it around in the tray. Really work the paint into the bristles on your brush. If there is too much paint, off load onto a paper towel. Pounce the paint onto the stencil!

The great part about stenciling is that you can use any color combination you want!

Peal back the stencil to admire the beginning of your gorgeous stencil project!To repeat the pattern, align the stencil with the registration marks! So simple! Then, stencil the flowers with the same colors you previously used in those areas. Continue the same stencil process until your entire wall is complete!

Wallpaper can get really expensive. It costs a lot of money to purchase and install, and even more money to remove! All you really need is a Cutting Edge Stencil and some paint! Doesn’;t this gorgeous floral accent wall look amazing?!

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Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!

Karli &; The Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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