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Admittedly, bedrooms are the last rooms in the house where guests to the party will want to enter for the obvious reason that these are private areas. Then again, it pays to make your bedrooms as presentable as possible when having family, friends and acquaintances over for any type of gathering. Your guests may have to use the bedrooms for various purposes like a nap or a change of clothesbaby pillows, among other possibilities.

No, there’s absolutely no need to be gung-ho about redesigning your bedrooms for parties and other gatherings in your home. Just a few simple changes to the bedrooms will do with most of these changes involving little time, effort and money to accomplish.

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The bed is the star of the bedroom especially as it is often the largest piece of furniture in the room. Thus, it makes sense that the bed is the first thing that comes to mind in regard to quick bedroom makeovers.

We suggest changing everyday beddings to duvet cover sets with matching pillow cases or shams, which will give the bed and the room an entirely different look. Your bedroom can transform from shabby chic to trendy chic, modern to classic, and graphic to girlie in a snap. Besides, new duvet cover sets make for a more luxurious sleep experience even after the guests have left. You also have the choice of sprucing up the headboard. Instead of the usual wood, try hanging a colourful scarf over the headboard and add pizazz.

Yet another way to add oomph to the bed is to change the covers on the pillows or to change the pillows themselves. Think of fluffy red cushions with black stripes instead of your usual white pillows. Think of sexy satin and silk pillow covers instead of your typical cotton blends. Think of pillows with unusual shapes instead of the usual rectangular ones. But you must go easy on the pillows lest the bed gets sidetracked. Take note that pillows should not take up more than half of the space on the bed. There’s no need to match the patterns and prints of the duvet cover sets and the pillowcases either. Show your eclectic personality with pillows and linens that have similar themes but different styles. Other ways to redesign your bedrooms in time for parties is to change the curtains, dress up the dresser, and place cheap rugs on the floor. Take a look at your bedroom and be creative in the things that can be done to transform its look from stylish to ultra-stylish in a flash.

"Check if your material is sewable" and if not, then make holes in it. The technique of 3D sewing described here is basically about using a soft line (thread) to hold together hard planes (sheets of acrylic). Making holes in hard materials to make them "sewable" is nothing new. Think of sewing on buttons or stringing beads into a necklace. But what other materials can we make holes in? What 2-dimensional shapes can we sew together to 3-dimensional objects?

We get a lot of questions to our designers through Decorating Dilemmas, as well as from listeners of our podcast. Over the years, we’ve noticed a few recurring issues.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up in just a couple of weeks. ?Yesterday I pulled out my Derby Prize Ribbon decorations from last year and thought I’d share with you a tutorial on how to make the paper prize ribbons. Today is 10 minute Tuesday and this is definitely?a “do-able” 10 minute project!