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In any home, the dining room is the most favoured place for parties for obvious reasons. It is, after all, the one place in the house where good foods from appetisers to desserts are served and where good company can sit down to enjoy the sumptuous feast. Good food plus good company equals good times, indeed. But you may be panicking because your dining room may not be in its best state at the moment.

Between the time it takes to prepare the dishes and getting the household in order in time for the partybaby pillows, you will have little time to redesign the dining room to its best state yet, not to mention that you are reluctant to spend money on new furnishings, fixtures and furniture. Don’t fret because there are easy, fast and inexpensive ways to redesign your dining room. Here are a few suggestions.

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Chandeliers in the dining room are a great idea, of course, but you may want to complement it with other lighting fixtures on the wall. Better yet, turn off the chandelier to save on energy while substituting wall sconces and table light fixtures like candles for a relaxed look. Ceiling light fixtures like chandeliers tend to be too formal so switch these off when in the company of family and friends for an intimate dinner party. Other ideas for lights include fairy lights, candles and even Asian lanterns. These lighting fixtures are so easy to install that you can do so an hour before the party starts.

Often, getting the dining room ready for a party in a short time means changing the small details in the area. Think of swapping paper napkins for cloth napkins, plastic flowers for fresh flowers, and silverware for everyday tableware, among other possibilities. Aside from the table setting itself, you should take a step back and see what other small changes you can make in the dining room.

Perhaps an opaque curtain and drapes can be changed for sheer fabric that will let the light in or the neutral large rugs can be swapped with colourful small cheap rugs. With just a little moving around, swapping of, and changing of furnishings and fixtures, you can easily achieve a transformation of your dining room while still leaving ample time to prepare great dishes and desserts for your guests.

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Spending time around the dining room table with friends and family is a great activity. Finding time for conversation is something a lot of people without a contemporary dining room miss out on. It’s one of the key times of day when everyone can get together and share and discuss their day over a meal. It is also a great place to entertain guests and is the focal point of any dinner party.