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Hello Make It &; Love it readers! ?Crystal here, from Stitched by Crystal! ?It is that time of the year again! ?Time to start thinking about Halloween costumes…;well…;my kids have been talking about?Halloween costumes since November! ?Do you make costumes or buy them? ?I look forward to making costumes every year (and actually make them all year long for dress up!) ?I have a fun costume to share with you that is so easy to make and involves no sewing at all!

This costume has a fun big, fluffy grey cloud that you wear on your head and felt rain drops that shower down from the cloud. ?I paired it with some dark colored clothing and rain boots for a fun last-minute costume idea!

In fact, the whole costume is pretty cheap! ?I had most of the craft supplies on hand, but even if you don’;tbaby pillows, you can make this rain cloud costume?for under $15. ?And if you are the type to wait til last minute, this whole costume came together in under 2 hours!

The little rain drops that hang from the cloud are really fun, too, and my daughter loved the way they spin!

Want to make a quick and easy rain cloud costume? Great! Let me show you how…;.

I started by spray painting my hat grey, just in case any of the hat showed through the cloud. ?Turns out the cloud covered it pretty well, so you could probably skip this step, but it doesn’;t hurt!

Next, spray the hat with spray adhesive and add the polyester batting in small clumps

Keep on spraying and adding batting until you get the cloud shape you want

Then spray the batting a bit with the grey spray paint to give it a storm cloud look.

Fold your felt so you are cutting 2 layers at the same time, and cut your rain drop shapes from the felt.

You want to cut 2 layers at a time so you end up with 2 identical rain drops with each cut.

Cut several pieces of yarn in varying lengths; I used 14 pieces ranging from abut 6″; to about 25″;. ?Using your hot glue gun, glue the drops to the end of the yarn, sandwiching the yarn between the drops. ?I also added a second rain drop to some of my strings about half way up.

Glue the top of the yarn to the brim of the hat with your hot glue. ?I didn’;t put any drops on about 8″; in the front of the hat so my daughter’;s vision is not obstructed, and I put them every 2-3″; around the sides and back of the hat.

And your rain cloud hat is done! Put it on with some grey or black clothes, or maybe a rain coat, and some rain boots and you are ready for trick or treating!

Happy costume making!


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