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The "Flintstones"-size femur and the heap of humeri posing as logs in the fireplace are made from newspaper wrapped in plaster cloth, papier-maché style.

Photography: SIMON WATSON

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Source:Martha Stewart


Masking tape

Tea bags

Plaster clothbaby pillows, cut into 6-inch strips (Pictured: ACTIVA Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth, $16.09 for 5 lbs.,

Wad up pieces of newspaper, and arrange them to create a bone shape. Wrap the pieces with masking tape in select places to reinforce the bone shape.

Make tea with tea bags and a gallon of water. Let cool. ?

Wet 1 piece of plaster cloth in a bowl of tea, which will give the bones an aged appearance. Remove cloth, squeeze it out by running it between your index and middle fingers. Starting at the end, smooth plaster piece over the bone. ?

Repeat until bone is entirely covered. Let larger bones dry for at least 1 day; smaller bones will dry in a few hours.

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