baby pillows Recipe- Brandy Chocolate Cake pillow covers floral

Christmas is a festival which is celebrated with a grand feast, wine and most importantly with a cake. There are various types of cakes which people make, but one all-time favorite is a chocolate cake. Sobaby pillows, today we’ll be sharing with you a recipe of brandy chocolate cake which is easy to make at home.

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What you will need:

Important Tip: Before going into the preparation mode, make sure that you have all the ingredients ready with you, so that while preparing a cake, you don’t have to run to market because you forgot to buy something.

Method of Preparation







There are various other options which you can use for dressing, like dressing it with cream or chocolate swirls, chocolate cubes or anything that you like; after all it’s your Christmas cake.

Make fully lined ribbon zipper bags (for pencils, change or cosmetics) with this easy tutorial.

Every baby gets grumpy and irritated now and then (and if yours doesn’t…Well… Wanna swap?). Cradling a your grumpy baby in your arms and swinging him back and forth is a great way to soothe the savage beast. A baby swing is an amazing way to provide this motion without the need to use your arms.Lazy moms rejoice!

Hi friends! If you are like me, many of you are tackling outdoor projects now that winter has disappeared {YAY}! We have been focusing our attention on our back door entry. Why? Well, honestly, we use it more than our front door! Most of our guests are good friends and family, so we always say, “Just park in the driveway and come to the back door.” Plus, Joe parks in the driveway and he uses the door all the time. I get the privilege of parking in the garage, but I have to look at the back door entry EVERY time I pull in and out of the garage. It's a total eye sore.