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Ever have one of those moments when a friend suggests something so simple and useful, you (sheepishly) can’t believe you didn’t think of it yourself . . . eons ago? That was our shoulda-had-a-V8 moment of enlightenment when Annie showed us pics of her newly organized kitchen cabinets. Thanks to a couple dozen Ball canning jars in a few different sizes, she now has neatly ordered rows of dried goods like rice, beans, sugarbaby pillows, and pasta—without the aggravation of odd-sized containers that don’t quite fit in the pantry, sacks that flop over and take up extra kitchen-cabinet real estate, or tall plastic containers that block our view of everything behind them.

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To give your kitchen cabinets this easy organization makeover, get some 12-packs of the quart, pint, half-pint, and 4-ounce size canning jars, and wash and dry them thoroughly. The petite jars are just right for dried spices, while the big boys work best for taller items (hello, spaghetti!) and larger quantities. After you’ve poured the ingredients into the jars, you can even label the tops with a cute, fun printable. Change your mind about what to put in a jar? Clean it and dry it, reload it, and slap a new label right over the top. Then line them up, with the small jars in front so you can see the larger ones in back without tearing apart the cupboards.

Love those adorable labels??Download our customizable label template!??(Template designed for Avery 22807: Round Easy Peel labels.)

Now it’s your turn: What’s your favorite tip for keeping the kitchen organized?

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