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Frames are expensive y'all. If you have been hanging out here in the last few weeks, you know I recently revealed our brand new master bedroom art and I am TOTALLY in love with it. You can see it in all its beautiful and colorful glory in this post. When we got it all in, I started to think about how I wanted to frame it all. The price tag to buy that many large frames hurt. A lot. So of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas onDIY frames. And boy did I find all kinds of inspiration! A lot of my blogger friends (and some super talented people I don't actually know) have put together some amazing tutorials on how to createDIY frames. Joe and I came up with our own budget friendly way to frame our large scale artbaby pillows, which you will see below, but I felt like y'all needed to see ALL the great ways to frame your wall decor that I found. No matter what you are trying to display, I know one of these will work perfectly (and not blow your budget!)

Easy Large Frame by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

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Rustic Weathered Frame by Wife In Progress

Easy Industrial Rustic Frame by The Winthrop Chronicles for Remodelaholic

Frame from Upcycled Wood by Designer Trapped in a Designer's Body

Cheap and Easy Wood Frames by The DIY Dreamer

Canvas Frame by The Homes I Have Made

No-saw, No-cut Picture Frame by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

Poster Hanger by A Beautiful Mess

Floating Acrylic Frames by At Charlotte's House

Large Poster Frameby Rain on a Tin Roof

Gold Hardware Update by A Beautiful Mess

Framing a Canvas for Cheap by The Turquoise Home

Pallet Frames by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

Romantic Industrial Picture Frames by Pocketful of Posies

Large Wall Frame by Remodelaholic

Aren't these amazing? SO many great tutorials. I have always coming up with our own creative framing solutions. Saving all that money for other projects that I can't outsource makes me SUPER happy. And I love a good DIY ;)

Happy framing! Hurry and get to work so you can enjoy your artwork in beautiful frames. I want all y'all to be as happy with your art as I am with mine right now!!!

And if you need help coming up with a plan for elements other than art, check out my free guide! pillow covers farmhouse

"Check if your material is sewable" and if not, then make holes in it. The technique of 3D sewing described here is basically about using a soft line (thread) to hold together hard planes (sheets of acrylic). Making holes in hard materials to make them "sewable" is nothing new. Think of sewing on buttons or stringing beads into a necklace. But what other materials can we make holes in? What 2-dimensional shapes can we sew together to 3-dimensional objects?

We get a lot of questions to our designers through Decorating Dilemmas, as well as from listeners of our podcast. Over the years, we’ve noticed a few recurring issues.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up in just a couple of weeks. ?Yesterday I pulled out my Derby Prize Ribbon decorations from last year and thought I’d share with you a tutorial on how to make the paper prize ribbons. Today is 10 minute Tuesday and this is definitely?a “do-able” 10 minute project!