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Every room in your house may be different, but they all need two things in common! Find out what these important (and easy!) two things are on this episode of the Colorful Conversations. We go through the easiest ways to add them to your room and what a difference it makes once you have them. Aren't you dying to know what they are?!!?



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Many women use different bags every day and it's a big problem to transfer the stuff between bags. Bag organizer is a great idea to handle this mess. And you can do one of them if you have the following materials and tools: 100cm x 150cm?Fuchsia cotton fabric (Or any color you want) 50cm x 150cm Blue cotton fabric?(Or any color you want) 20cm x 150cm ?Fabric with flower pattern?(Or any pattern you want) 1 Magnetic snap Sewing thread Scissors Ruler Sewing machine

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Spending time around the dining room table with friends and family is a great activity. Finding time for conversation is something a lot of people without a contemporary dining room miss out on. It’s one of the key times of day when everyone can get together and share and discuss their day over a meal. It is also a great place to entertain guests and is the focal point of any dinner party.