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I can't imagine where you have been if you didn't already know about the unstoppable colour trend grey - right from the beginning of the year it has been fighting its very own corner - now grey is absolutely everywhere! Grey bathrooms definitely work whether we are using them in combination with a monochrome black and white scheme or with a tranquil colour such as green. It does lend to that spa experience and we know its on trend because its used in virtually every contemporary wet room design.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for grey bathrooms for you to ponder over. Express you personal style when decorating your bathroom by using grey patterned wallpaper on a feature wall. This can even work in small bathrooms who need light - choose a light grey and white print. We love the more playful variety which adds character such as a paisley pattern, delicate florals or even winter trees!

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Pair it with dark counter tops and light wood cabinetry. A cool grey creates a serene atmosphere in bathrooms, which is probably why it works so well. This timebaby pillows, regardless of the size you have to live with, we have a simple bathroom design using grey to suit all tastes. You can of course add to this idea to make a theme or to make it more traditional/contemporary. Start with a white ceiling, woodwork and bathroom suite.

Use a white wood panel for your bathtub. Paint walls in a medium shade of cool grey. One tip for smaller bathrooms is to make your bathroom window treatments perhaps by following a Roman blinds how to make guide and a door lock take care of privacy - a clear glass shower door will always be better than a shower curtain or frosted glass. It will open up the room and make it more light.

A beautiful mirror to be hung above the sink - again, smaller bathrooms may be at an advantage when using a mirror without a frame that gives more fluidity to the space. Keep accessories to a minimum and use hidden storage behind that bath panel. The darkest of greys for large polished floor tiles and finishing touches with beautiful patterned roller blinds in white and grey.

Pop of colour needed? A pretty hue such as light rose pink used in a floor rug will contrast against the dark flooring. For a quick update in all white bathrooms, grey can be a casual change in wall tiles - try a mosaic tile behind the sink or in the shower. You can then later add other colours - try a oceanic colour palette with beautiful blue-greens for towels, paint wooden Venetian blinds to coordinate and include a stylish soap dish set.

The definition of vintage is ‘a season yield of wine from a vineyard’, hmmm not really what we’re interested in, well it is, but not in this context. Vintage in fashion is something which is old and out of mode, or indeed a piece which has enduring appeal, making it a classic. We are all used to this with clothes, we know vintage makes you unique and you can often pick up a quality or even designer item at a bargain price. The same came be said for interiors, and definitely for furniture. Old furniture can offer add a sense of grandeur to a room, back in the days when chairs were hand crafted and highly ornate things looked sturdy and built to last. Nowadays these pieces become focal points as well made beauty never goes out of style.

A lot of times, people overlook some really great ideas from interior designers because they either can’t afford to pay for one or they don’t really know how to design their home for comfort. It’s not hard, though. You just need to pay attention to a few details and basic design.

Piped edges add a professional finish to pillows, slipcovers, and other home décor projects. And it’s easy to make and insert covered cord once you learn how it’s done. Follow these step-by-step instructions for beautiful corded edges every time.