baby pillows Wrap Those Festive Presents In a Jiffy With This Incredible Japanese Gift-Wrapping! outdoor pillow covers

The holiday season is knocking at the door, and apart from spending time with your loved ones celebrating the occasion, what festivities bring along is presenting pretty gifts to them. This in turn, calls for that hassle of wrapping the presents and finding yourself troubled with those tapesbaby pillows, scissors, papers and ribbons. Here’;s a breakthrough technique to get it all done with an amazing Japanese Gift Wrapping Hack!

The key is to place your gift box in a diagonal fashion onto the paper, followed by making a handful of clever folds and moves. The magic follows when the box gets gorgeously wrapped with utmost perfection in terms of its appearance as well as the finish, that too in just a matter of few seconds. To be accurate, it won’;t take you more than fifteen seconds to turn yourself into a complete connoisseur at the method. Apart from a good-looking wrapping paper, what you are going to need is three little pieces of clear tape and a pair of scissors.

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And what’;s an added benefit of this super cool technique is that it not only saves a great deal of paper, but also cuts on time one otherwise spends on complicated wrapping of those heaps and heaps of festive presents.

To get your hands on the technique, head to the below YouTube video tutorial shared by BeatTheBush that showcases the few simple steps you need to follow to wrap gift boxes exactly like the experts do in Japan. Initially, it may seem that the method is no different that a regular packing and takes the same amount of time, but things turn around when you watch it till the end.

(Video and pictures via BeatTheBush)

Who needs to get those gifts wrapped at the store when you can get it all done almost effortlessly, putting this incredible Japanese Gift-Wrapping method to use!

If you are anything like me, the struggle to keep a plant alive is real. I have killed almost every type of indoor plant and tree I have ever owned (except one, there is one plant I can keep alive, ok maybe two). But besides that one plant, if I have any hope of keeping any greenery in my home, it needs to be fake. I love bringing the outside in, I love having pops of fresh green in my home and I love the feeling that living plants bring into my home. But since those fresh pops of green quickly fade to brown around here, I am sharing what I do to bring the outdoors inside and how to decorate with natural elements even if you can’t keep a plant alive.

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With spring on the way, an?indoor herb?garden brimming with fresh greenery?that smells amazing and tastes even better when cooked in favorite dishes sounds like heaven to us.?Combine that with?the fact that it brings an element of?eye-catching style, and we’re definitely sold!