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Are you often confused when you read things like, “The invitation line of your wedding invitation should be such and such…” or when you hear that the request line should include particular wordings? Many people don’t know that wedding invitations are written in a particular format with various lines having their own significance. Which is why, here’s an introduction to the different lines in a wedding invitation.

This line explains who is hosting the wedding or who is sending the invitations. For example:

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Mr. and Mrs. John Clement Baker

These lines are where the host invites the guests and explains what the celebration is for. For example:

request the pleasure of your companyat the wedding of

On this line, the name of the bride is written. If the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding, and their names already appear in the invitational line, then the bride’s name need not include the surname, and only the first and middle names are required.

Mary Jane

If the bride’s last name is not the same as her parentsbaby pillows, or if someone other than the bride’s parents are mentioned in the invitational line, then the bride’s name has to include her given, middle, and last names.

Mary Jane Walker

When the wedding is hosted by the parents of the bride, the full name of the groom, including the title, should be written.

Mr. William Stephen Smith

When the wedding is hosted by the couple themselves, you need not write the title.

William Stephen Smith

If the parents of the groom are hosting the wedding, or if they are otherwise included in the invitation, then the last name of the groom is also not required. Just the first and middle names will do.

William Stephen

These have to be spelled out in full, without any abbreviations or numerals. For instance, you cannot write Tues, 15th June, 2015 on a wedding invitation. It should be written in full as follows:

Tuesday, the Fifteenth of June, Two Thousand and Fifteen.

This is also written in full, in the following manner.

At 1 o’clock in the afternoonAt 8 o’clock in the evening

This line states the location where the ceremony/reception is scheduled to take place, which could be the church, hall, other place of worship, hotel, barn etc.

Here too, the full address should be listed without any abbreviations used, such as Av. or St.

108, Lexington Avenue69, Flower Street

This is the last line of the wedding invitation, which states the city and the state where the wedding is going to be held.

Greenwich, London

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